Cliffs Valley/Glassy Charter Cutover:
Answers to your Questions

My name is Brady Gilbert, owner of "Call Brady Computer Services," and I have been servicing clients in Cliffs Valley since 2007. I have also heard and shared your misery associated with slow Internet speeds from AT&T DSL (improved a bit with the partial rollout of U-Verse).

I've already started to receive questions about the upcoming changes, and wanted to address some of them for all who are interested:

Why is the switch to Charter such a big deal?
Let's start with some technology and math- don't worry, nothing too deep. AT&T DSL averages 3Mbps (mega-bits per second). That was great when we all converted from dial up modems (56 kilobits per second), but awful compared to modern technology. U-Verse was an improvement, with most U-Verse users getting somewhere between 6-20Mbps (2-7x as fast. Not bad.) with most around 12Mbps.

Charter STARTS at 60Mbps. That is 20x faster than DSL, and more than 3x faster than most U-Verse subscriptions.

That means that a 500MB download on DSL would take about 23 minutes.
The same 500MB file on U-Verse (12Mbps) would take about 6 minutes.
On Charter, at 60Mbps, the same file will take about 70 seconds.

Downloads will run faster.
Windows Updates will download faster.
Videos will load with less buffering and in higher quality, especially on Smart TVs and other devices.
E-mail will download faster.

Will I need any additional equipment?
I'm looking to get some information from Charter on what the 'standard install equipment' will be. They will either install:
1) Just a modem, in which case you will need a router.
2) A modem/router combo. These typically are good for short ranges, but sometimes don't have the range that homes in the Cliffs require. If you start with a modem/router combo but can't get the range you need, you could either add an additional Access Point (AP), or install your own router. I'm glad to help with whatever requirements you may have.

I'll also note that Asus is my favorite wireless router, and they have great price points from $90-300, depending on your speed and range needs.

Will all my technology work after the cutover to Charter?
Some things will work just fine, and some won't. Here is a brief summary:
1) Computers will likely pick up a new IP address on the new network with no problems. If not, a reboot will resolve this on MOST systems.
2) Network printers (either using wireless or network cable) will need to be reconfigured. I recommend assigning a static IP address to ensure that the printer is easily found on the network each time it is turned on. Printers connected by USB cable will still work fine. Need help re-configuring a printer? Give me a call to set an appointment.
3) Security systems, networked sprinkler systems, entertainment systems, etc.: You may want to consult with your provider PRIOR to the cutover to ensure minimal downtime.
4) Apple TV, Smart TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, etc.: These will need to be re-joined to your new wireless network before they work.

Regarding Smart Phones, Tablets, etc.
Be sure you join your device to the network so that it doesn't "eat" your data package. If you watch a YouTube video, it could easily use 1GB of your data package from AT&T or Verizon. Watch the same video while connected to your home network and it won't cost you anything extra.

Should I change my E-mail address from to
I don't recommend it. If you are going to make a change, I'd change to a Gmail address. Gmail is portable, which means if you eventually change providers (away from Charter) or move somewhere that Charter isn't available, you could take the Gmail address with you and not need to change again. Gmail is fast, and has lots of extra features that work beautifully with smart phones.

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