Senior Training

Computer Training for folks who didn't grow up with this stuff...

Senior Training is a video series for people who want to better understand their computers, but want to learn at their own pace. I try to not speak "computerese," but explain concepts in a way that anyone can understand.

I spend a lot of time watching how folks misuse their computers. Extra steps, missed concepts. In this series I teach you how to overcome those issues.

These videos are no longer current, HOWEVER the majority of the content is still accurate. You may just notice some cosmetic difference between what is in my videos and what is on your screen.

Watch a replay of our first Zoom training meeting from 4/1/2020. It covers a few Windows basics, using the Start button, downloading and installing Chrome, organizing Favorites, and more.

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NOTE: After you press play, look for the "Full Screen" icon in the bottom right corner of the video.

Replay of 4/6/2020 video covering antivirus recommendations, answers from last week's E-mails, uninstalling programs, notes on making your laptop last longer, introduction to Windows shortcuts

This is a replay of our 4/14/2020 meeting, one of the MOST important we will do. Here I focused on scams. This isn't a 'canned' presentation. This used real screenshots that I've run into, either in my own experiences or in helping clients that have experienced these scams. Watch for free, and be sure to sign up below to hear about our future training classes.

Meeting for 4/20/2020:  The Incredible World of Google. In this meeting we cover numerous Google technologies, from Google for GPS, browser, how to search more efficiently, Google Translate, Google Home, and more.

4/27/2020- File management, Understanding Windows 10 Folder Layout, Cut/Copy/Paste, and more

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Do you feel frustrated by your computer, instead of feeling like it benefits you?

I started my business as a side business in 2004, and full time in 2008. I empathize with my senior clients. Let's face it:

  • You didn't learn computers in school
  • Many of you didn't learn computers in the workplace.
  • Now we expect you to know how to use a computer to do EVERYTHING (get directions, get information, fill out forms, even to see our doctors!!)

With the current COVID craziness, our computers are more important than ever.

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